Discover LifeLike.

We believe in human beings

And we trust in the power of communication as a leverage to overcome difficulties and improve positive relationships between people. We work to facilitate improvements in crucial conversations, designing Smart and Authentic Interactive Simulations. We love to deliver the best tools on the market for turning intellectual knowledge into deep, long-lasting changes in actionable behaviors.

A bit of our history

Our research dates back ten years, when we started to reflect on the power of habits and automatic behaviors. We immediately understood the importance of practice bringing about lasting to change. Our first product, SkillGym simulations for business was first adopted in 2007 by a large Insurance company and

our first Interactive patient was delivered to medical doctors in 2009. Ten years later we still lead the frontier of Artificial Intelligence applied to Interactive Video for training human behaviors. And we continue to look forward to ongoing innovations in the future.

Our values

Constant Innovation & Curiosity

We think out of the box. We challenge the status quo in search of new ways of improving what we do.

Fun & Collaboration

We enjoy what we do because we do what we enjoy. And creating simulations is a great way of working together.

Emotion & Logic

Communication is rational and emotional. So are our products. And so is our mindset when we design our solution.

#LifeLikers inspirational words


We strive every day to make the world a little better and sometimes we get recognized and awarded. Each time we love to share these honors with every member of our exceptional team. Here are the most significant achievements over the last few years:


For the second year in a row, Lifelike has been awarded at Reimagine Education. During the 2019 event hosted in London, our SkillGym VPL. Presented inside the Gulf Medical Education (Ajman, UAE) project case, we won the following three prizes:

  • Silver in the AI category (Virtual Patient Learning, VPL)
  • Bronze in Middle East category (Virtual Patient Learning, VPL)
  • Bronze in Life Science category (Virtual Patient Learning, VPL)


Lifelike has been awarded the Special Prize as one of the 6 finalists at the 2019 edition of Swiss Venture Club, one of the largest networks in switzerland for entrepreneurship. Bringing together personalities of economic, scientific and media worlds, Swiss Venture Club operates to strengthen the link between the different actors of the swiss business arena


Reimagine Education is a prestigious international competition rewarding innovative initiatives aimed at enhancing student learning outcomes & employability.

CareAbout, adopted by Gulf Medical University has been awarded the following two prestigious prizes:

– the Gold Medal in regional education award
– the Silver Medal in the Elearning Award 2018


LifeLike is a finalist at the Lugano Moebius Prize dedicated to healthcare innovative solutions, presenting VPL.


A scientific paper is published on the prestigious Journal of Medical Education issued by the world renowned publisher, Wiley.


LifeLike Interaction simulators win the “Technology Award” in the “Training Product of the Year” contest.


LifeLike is selected for the “Swiss Economic Award 2014” by the “Swiss Economic Forum”.


LifeLike is funded by TI-Venture, a swiss seed investment fund active in Ticino, that invests in early stage companies with innovative technologies and high growth potential, principally in southern Switzerland.


A simulator of the LifeLike library is adopted by a big Swiss insurance company and then awarded with the “HR Innovation Award”, managed by the Politecnico of Milan.


LifeLike is selected by the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) within the GAP (Global Access Program), an incubator project that includes only 50 companies at a worldwide level, because of the innovation they are bringing to the market.

Our Team

Andrea Laus


I dream big and build step by step one piece a day of a disruptive revolution to bring innovations in learning methodologies. LinkedIn

Arianna Laus


Lifelikers are my family and what I love is their daily commitment to disrupt traditional education with cutting-edge innovations. My challenge: select the finest talents out there, to help make difference. LinkedIn

Paolo Orsatti

Board Member

I believe in technology, innovation and products that can reshape the world. But more importantly I believe in people as being capable of making it happen. LinkedIn

Sandra Singleton

Learning Strategist

I focus on investigating trending needs in the learning landscape and turn them into robust strategies. My challenge: being disruptive to bring new breakthroughs as our solution is. LinkedIn

Fabio Fossati

Delivery Manager

I am in charge of ensuring an ontime and effective production pipeline, project planning and resources coordination. My challenges: continuous tweaking of priorities in our lean and agile strategy. LinkedIn

Matteo Malatesta

Head of Business Design

I design (thinking) the online digital business of one of the most disruptive  innovative #edTech company in the solar system. My simple purpose: changing the way humans learn and develop. LinkedIn

Giulio Tavarnesi

Content manager

I design unique content to make our simulators engaging and useful, working alone or with subject matter experts. LinkedIn

Sergio Miccoli

Algorithms Specialist

I design the structure, the environment and the smart algorithms of the simulators. My challenge: keep up with the continuous innovative ideas of our designers. LinkedIn

Barbara Vidili

Head of Production

Proud and passionate dots-connector and rockstar media production planner. Scouting for  talents around the world, facing every challenge with a smile. LinkedIn

Livio Mariani

Preventive Maintenance Guru

My eyes are those of the customer! Our simulators are complex and unique tools, like a Ferrari and my daily challenge is to keep them feeling like Ferrari drivers. LinkedIn

Andrea Beretta

UX Specialist

I design the simulators’ frontend, making the User Experience something unforgettable and I coordinate our video post production team. LinkedIn

Alessandro Guerrini

Project Leader

I am passionate about sports, arts, communication and listening to people and my challenge is to drive personalized projects to a safe harbor working on clients’ expectations. LinkedIn

Anne Laure Blanco

Behavioral Storyteller

I love to turn life into pedagogical stories. My challenge is to make storytelling as powerful as real life experience. For a real immersive User Experience. LinkedIn

Aldo Laus

Alliances Generator

Co-founder, I cultivate Institutional relations for international business development through strategic partnerships and alliances. I am a web marketing lover and Business Angel. LinkedIn

Stefano Fumagalli


Co-founder: every day I shape algorithms and coding to make the machine more and more similar to what we experience in human to human relations. What a hard challenge!

Marco Canestrari

Web Developer

I like having a “Cartesian” approach to problems, dividing them into smaller pieces to analyze and deal with each one by one. I LOVE coding from home. LinkedIn

Amy Avery

Customer Success Manager

I help our customer maximize his or her experience with our solutions. My challenge: anticipate a client’s’ need and be there before he or she feels the need. LinkedIn